Thursday, 24 June 2010

David & Alicia's Golden Wedding Anniversary

Remarkably, it was my parent's Golden Wedding Anniversary on 6th June. 50 years of marriage is a magnificent achievement in anyone's book but Mum and Dad seem to have taken it completely in their stride!

The anniversary itself was a very happy occasion with 130 guests joining in the celebrations in Canterbury, Kent. Highlights included a performance of Panis Angelicus by two of their grandchildren Joseph and Natasha (no mean feat!) and a humorous take on the gameshow 'Mr & Mrs' which I hosted!

Anyhow, here are the photos from the day itself which I took, apart from when I was performing on stage (thanks Jacob)! For best viewing results, click on the menu icon in bottom left corner of the slideshow and select full screen.

If you're looking for a professional photographer to capture a special occasion similar to this, whether that's a landmark anniversary, a party, a gala evening or a corporate event, then do get in touch. I'm also open to any offers to be a gameshow host ;-)

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