Sunday, 30 November 2008

Santorini, Greece

This black and white series of photographs is from a trip during the Summer to Santorini in Greece. If you've ever been fortunate to have gone there yourself, you'll know that there really isn't another place quite like it - the architecture and the views overlooking the caldera are absolutely stunning.

These photographs are available as limited edition prints, so if you like the idea of having something original adorning your walls, please contact us at for prices.

Tuscany - a photographer's paradise

I've always wanted to go to Tuscany because of its famous landscape and breathtaking scenery but it's not until you go for yourself that you realise it really is as beautiful as it looks in the travel brochures! I went for the first time last month for a well deserved break but couldn't resist taking a few photos along the way. A busman's holiday if you like!
I love this last one - look out for the fake naked women peering out the window!

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Child's play

With Christmas just around the corner, now's the time to start thinking about having that family portrait done. Whether you decide to go for framed prints or present your favourite photos in a hard-back printed album, you can be certain they'll make a wonderful Christmas present.

These photos are from a recent portrait session where the mother Carly wanted me to photograph her three daughters for her husband's Christmas present. Something tells me their Dad's going to be in for a big surprise! It beats socks any day!