Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Venice, Italy

I've always wanted to go to Venice, not just because it's such a romantic city, but also because it's meant to be such a beautiful place to photograph. I was only there a few days but it certainly lived up to expectations - I was literally blown away by how picturesque it was.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

A portrait of Jacqui Lofthouse

Jacqui Lofthouse is a respected author and writing coach who recently got in touch as she needs an up-to-date professional photograph for her new book which is soon to be published and her new website. As it happens she'd seen some of my photos before following an event I photographed a while ago at the RAC club.

Jacqui opted for the 2.5 hour portrait package so that we could try out various different styles and approaches at a more leisurely pace. This was great because it meant we could do some classic studio-based portraits as well as some environmental portraiture. (It also meant we could capture some of the rest of the family with any time we had remaining!)

My personal favourite is the photograph above - I love her natural pose and the bookshelves give a bit of context without being too overt about her vocation.

Say 'cheese!'

I love it when wedding couples break from convention and try to do things a little bit different to the norm. So when I found out this wedding cake was made out entirely of cheese I just had to take this photo! Pure class!

Magnus and Isabel got married last month at a beautiful civil ceremony in Searcy's House in Knightsbridge. Being a winter wedding, most of the proceedings took place indoors which always makes it a bit more challenging for the photographer as there's so little light. However, despite the relatively tough lighting conditions I was still very happy with the end results.

Say "cheese!"