Sunday, 19 April 2009

Fashion portraits

Portrait photography doesn't have to be staid or overly formal and traditional. If you want your photos to have a bit more of an edge to them or perhaps something more fashion-orientated, we can do that too.

We recently photographed Isabelle, an aspiring actress, who wanted some standard headshots for her spotlight portfolio but also a contemporary collection of images to share with her friends and family.

We banked a few headshots in the studio and then had some fun trying out different outfits, backgrounds, lighting set ups and locations. I have to say Isabelle was a natural in front of the camera - every shot a winner!


  1. Fantastic portrait shots and what a great subject to photograph. We will look out for her on the silver screen!

  2. It was wonderful to work with Triggers photography, felt very comfortable and had a lovely time. I am very impressed with the result.
    Thank You.

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  4. Thanks for your kind comments guys. I enjoyed the session and delighted with the end results too! Let's hope these photos help to thrust you into the limelight!


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