Thursday, 29 January 2009

Winter wedding

No snow for this winter wedding - in fact it turned out to be a lovely day. One thing to bear in mind when planning a winter wedding is that it does get dark very quickly - not necessarily something the bride and groom have to worry about but it certainly makes things more challenging for the photographer!

That said, we've done enough of them by now to know what to expect and come prepared with all the necessary kit and accessories. The cameras we use are high end digital SLRs which are able to cope with low light conditions. We're also experienced in knowing how to balance flash with ambient light so that we can capture the atmosphere of the occasion. It's a moot point to make but an important one nonetheless as it's this sort of thing which adds warmth and feeling to our photos which you may not get from other wedding photographers.

Despite the challenging conditions I really enjoyed photographing Liz and Paul's wedding. They're a great couple who seem extremely well suited and happy together. The wedding was a beautiful affair in St Etheldreda's Church in London (which happens to be the oldest Catholic church in England) followed by reception in the fabulous crypt below.


  1. Hey Richard

    The books look absolutely fantastic - we love them. All the pictures look brilliant! My parents are going to love their smaller version too!

    Thanks so much for all the time and effort.


  2. We are so pleased that we chose Triggers to photograph our wedding. Richard was friendly and helpful from the start and made the whole process effortless. The only thing as special as the big day itself is looking back at the amazing collection of images we have, capturing each moment. It's clear that Richard puts many hours of effort into the end result and we are eternally grateful. Just think what he could have done if we had better light conditions and a groom who smiled!

    Thanks so much for everything.



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