Saturday, 5 April 2008

Kid's parties

When you put the time and effort into throwing a party for your children, it can be a great idea to hire a professional photographer to properly record the day as it unfolds.

If you were to hire us, we'll make sure we capture those special moments and leave you with a beautiful collection of photographs for you to enjoy for many years to come.

We take a fly-on-the-wall approach so most of the time they hardly notice we're there. But we can also bring some portable studio lighting along with us if you like the idea of creating some stunning informal portraits at the same time. It can be a fun experience for the kids as long as it doesn't take too long or detract from the main event.

We pride ourselves in providing a premium service, so every photo we supply will meet strict QC standards. Each photo is meticulously retouched to ensure we only supply images of the highest standard. We'll also post them online in our Private View gallery so that all the parents (and granparents for that matter) can view and order prints from the day. You also have the option of having all the images supplied on disk or even designed in a leather bound book for safekeeping!

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