Monday, 24 September 2007

Product photography (set build)

We get asked to photograph all sorts of products - jewellery, figurines, electronic devices... and last week, fireplaces! These particular fireplaces were wall-mounted or freestanding and designed for modern homes where no traditional fireplace exists.

The shoot took a day to photograph 8 different units including set build, styling, lighting set up and photography. That's pretty intense and we're not just talking about the heat coming from the fireplaces!

If you think these look hot and you're tempted to buy one yourself, check out their new website


  1. Really nice work, I especially like the one with the bonsai tree.

  2. Thanks for the feedback David.

  3. The square on approach for the fire places worked well. Did you have to put on flamable liquid on them to the flames to perk up abit? I know they can be somewhat weak on todays modern fire places.

  4. Thanks for your comment Jamie. These fires run on parafin I think so getting a decent flame going was easier than it looks!

  5. Your lighting with the white mantle seems to work best. One has to do this to appreciate all that goes in into it.

  6. The second from bottom, do you have the name of the fire please?

    Product Photography

  7. It's the Belgravia fireplace I think Jamie. Check out this link


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